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Book Inventory Manager

Allows you to easily manage your inventory and gives you the ability to upload to over 18 listing services with 1-click! You can list your books, price them, make mass changes, easily search for any book using any criteria and more. And now with Amazon.ca support!
We hear that one of our competitors is charging up to $180 annually to use their program ($240 for networking).  Plus $5 for each additional computer!   Do you want that taken out of your profits?  Try ours -- one license fee of $60 per year!  No additional license fee for networking either! See the difference in design, ease of use and support.

And have you seen the "hoops" you have to jump through just to get the Free Trial download?  You have to register, activate your subscription account (even before you decide to buy the program), and then they send you an email to complete the process!  With all of our programs, it's one-click and the download starts, and one more click to install... NO registration, no waiting up to 30 minutes for a return email to start the free trial!

And if you're using BookTrakker, we'll show you how easy it is to transfer all of your current inventory to our Book Manager!  Contact us for details.
All of our software is now FREE (donations are appreciated).  And our support (when needed), is second-to-none.  See for yourself how good our software really is!  Download the FREE programs now... you have nothing to lose...
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