Testing the Installation

The sample database (Sample File to Import.txt, found in the C:\Prager directory) was supplied to enable you to test the installation and become familiar with the program.  Once you have become familiar with the program and you want to add your own records, you need to do the following:

1.  Delete each sample record individually.  This is done by selecting the record and clicking on Delete.

2.  Ask your listing service (Alibris, Amazon.com, etc.) to export your listings in tab-delimited format and download that file to your computer.

3.  Take this exported file that you have downloaded and Import it into this program.  (see Importing)

4.  You should now be able to see your entire inventory in upper the Database Panel.


You should use the sample database supplied with the program to become familiar with the different things you can do.  Add, delete and update the sample records and see what happens.  DO NOT upload any files while using the sample database.  It will do the upload and your inventory in the listing services will be affected.

1.  First, become familiar with the panels

2.  Start the program. 

3.  You will notice that there is nothing in the Database Panel.

This is so you can do an import using the Sample Import file;  when you have completed learning about the program, an import of your inventory  is the first thing you should do  to get your own records into the database.

Go to the directory where you installed the program (normally c:\program files\prager), and you will find a file called "Sample File to Import.txt" (it's in HomeBase format).  Now go here to learn how to import that file.

4.  Once that file has been imported, your Database Panel should look exactly like this:

5.  Now you have a database with records in it.  You can add, update, delete and search to become familiar with it.  If you want to mark a book as "Sold", click on the down arrow next to the quantity, which reduces the count of books in your inventory.  Once the count gets to zero, the book's Status is marked as "Sold".  Conversely, if you get the book back, or have multiple copies (and you want them all listed under one SKU), click the up arrow until you get a count of 1 or equal to the number of books on hand.

6.  Once you have made modifications to your records in the database, three things must be done (do not do #2 below with the sample data because it will be uploaded to the listing services):


How to sell media with the Prager Inventory Program

  1. find the book in the Database Panel, either by using the Search tab or scrolling down through your items (that's the hard way!.. use the Search tab)
  2. reduce the quantity to account for this sale (notice that the Update button turns red, reminding you that you have to update the database by clicking this button)
  3. click on the Update buitton
  4. if you need to make an Invoice, click on Shopping Cart, which will transfer the item data to the Shopping Cart (you can only place items in the shopping cart that have been Sold)
  5. go to the Customer Info tab and enter your customer's information if not already there; if this is a recurring customer, look for his/her record in the list above
  6. transfer the data to the invoice (click on Xfer Data to Invoice)
  7. fill in the pertinent fields on the Invoice and click on Add
  8. print the invoice and you're ready to ship the item


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