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There are so many "keys" and stuff... how do I do a "cut and paste"?

Here is a good site to learn how to copy and paste not only text, but files as well.

Why do I have so many problems doing an initial import?

There could be several reasons, such as not using the correct file format (the file must be in either HomeBase, UIEE or tab-delimited format).

You can not import directly from any database, the file has to be in one of the previously mentioned formats.

One of the other problems is that you import file is missing some of the required elements (or fields), such as Title, Author, Price, Publisher, etc. You can see visually the required fields on the import page (or tab).

Is there any way you can do the initial import for me?

Absolutely! All you have to do is export a file from whatever you are using to control your inventory (HomeBase, Excel, etc.) in HomeBase, UIEE or tab-delimited format and send it to us in an email. We'll take it from there and return either a copy of the database to you or a file that you can restore to the database (very simple procedure). It will be our choice depending on the file size; whichever is smaller will be sent. If you have any questions, please contact us for specific cookbook instructions on how to create the file to send us.

Why are some of the prices uploaded to Amazon not updated?

If the book condition in the database is not the same as the one on the marketplace inventory you can not make the price change. In order to fix this, you have to ensure that the condition of the book is the same as the condition of the same book on the Seller Central inventory.

How do send you a backup of the database?

The file you are looking for is found in C:\Prager\Backup; the filename starts with "B" for Books, and "M" for media. Once you have found the file, go here: http://lifehacker.com/5803366/how-to-send-an-attachment-for-beginners

What are the instructions for Sellers to authorize the Prager programs to access their Amazon Seller Account?

You can find the isntructions of the MWS signup page on our website Help page (Uploading Files ->Amazon Setup)

I have forgotten/lost my Amazon MWS keys. How do I get these again?

When you sign up to use MWS these account identifiers and credentials are displayed on the final page of the registration. You must make a note of them or go through the registration process a second time so they will be displayed again (the keys don't change, you just get to see them again). It is also a good practice to print the final page of the registration and store it in a safe place.. On the User ID's and Passwords -> Keys page, you will find the textboxes where the keys go. Place them in the correct boxes and click on Validate Keys. It will check them for you and display any error message from Amazon.

Why do I keep getting the error: 403 Forbidden from Amazon?

Depends on what you were trying to do. In either case, it has something to do with your Amazon passwords or keys. If you were trying to do an upload to Amazon, then either your User ID or Password, or both are wrong (they could have leading or trailing spaces). If you were trying to do a Get Info on the Book Detail page, your Amazon Keys are invalid; again, check for leading or trailing spaces, the most common culprit! You can test the Keys by clicking on the Validate button on the User IDs & Passwords -> Keys page.

Can the Inventory program be networked?

Absolutely! For instructions on what changes you need to make, see the program Help file (press F1 or click on Help on the main menu bar).

What is BETA code?

BETA code is program code that has not been released to the general public. It is usually cutting-edge, and as such, may or may not work correctly. We release BETA code after we have tested the changes for validity and any "fallout" (the ability for one change to adversly affect another piece of code). Although it has been tested by us, because of the unique makeup of other environments, it still needs to be tested by other "brave souls" that are aware it may not work as it was designed. It is always good to make a backup of your database before you install BETA code (which you should be doing daily anyway!).

How do I send you a screen shot?

Follow these steps:

  • Download the ScreenShotCaptor program using this URL: http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/screenshotcaptor/
  • Install the program; when the installation has finished, click on the ScreenShotCaptor icon to start the program.
  • Full instructions can be found on their website (same URL that you used above)
  • Send us the file as an attachment to an email (mail to: support@pragersoftware.com)

How do I get the Database Panel to show only books "For Sale"?

If you place your mouse over the Database Panel (the top panel) and do a right-click, you will see a pop-up menu that lists all of the filters to control which books are displayed in the Database Panel. Just left-click on your choice and it will automatically change.

What is the License Agreement

You should carefully read through the following terms and conditions before using this software. Your use of this software indicates your acceptance of this license agreement and disclaimer of warranty.


You agree that you will notify us of any possible bugs or inconsistencies that you may come across. We make every effort to make sure the program is “bug” free, but sometimes a few get loose! You agree that you will use our Issue Tracking system at www.pragersoftware.com/Support to report any issues or possible bugs, or you may send us an email with a copy of the error message to support@pragersoftware.com.

Before you uninstall the program because it “doesn’t work”, please read the Help File, displayed by pressing F1 or clicking on Help on the Main Menu. Most of the errors are caused by being not familiar with the program; our support staff is available to answer your questions via email; response time is normally within 24 hours, less during normal working hours.

By purchasing a Program License, permission is granted for you to use this software on a single computer for the purpose intended, including commercial applications, but you may not alter, reverse engineer, sell or redistribute it. You may however, network computers on the same license as long as the database remains on only one computer. Availability of free options (if any) can change at any time without notice.

Disclaimer of Warranty

This software and the accompanying files are supplied “AS IS”, without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall Prager, Software, or the author Rolf Marsh, be liable for any damages whatsoever including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, loss of business profits or special damages from the use of this software.

By accepting this License Agreement, you give up your right for remedial action in a court of law. In other words, you may not sue us in a court of law if this program does not perform as warranted.

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