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We have the following web-based tutorials to assist you in becoming familiar with the Inventory program.  You must have Flash installed in your browser (most of the latest browsers have that already installed).  For those topics where there is no link, they will be coming soon.   After looking at the tutorials, if you have any questions, please ask us (that's what we're here for!).

Click on each link to view that tutorial; there is a green arrow to move to the next sequence of frames.  
NOTE that the current versions are slightly different in so far as the user interface.  The functions remain the same, we just cleaned it up a bit.  Replacement tutorials using the new interface are forthcoming.

Have a specific topic in mind for a tutorial?
Getting Started - Importing records

Importing a tab-delimited file

Tour of the Book Detail page

Adding, updating and deleting records

Searching the database

Using Catalogs  

Customers and Invoices

User IDs and Passwords

Exporting records

Uploading the exported file
unique styles
Robert Cavalli
Adding images to the book

Adding ASINs to books without ISBNs


Changing the program's colors
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